In Defense of Pink

As much as I insist that I detest the color pink, my wedding dresses were Monique Lhuillier's “azalea” and Zac Posen's “blush” – and this Thakoon beauty was a very close runner-up.

And as much as princess culture skeeves me out, I want to dress my nieces in these and this and this.

My Mean Friend Sara, whom I adore even though she once told me my wedding ring is the ugliest thing she’s ever seen, insists that this blog should be a little bit more about my closet. So in honor of Sara, who loves pink (and who also wore an insanely gorgeous pink wedding dress), and in honor of New York Fashion Week, this entire is post devoted to pink – a color in which most New Yorkers wouldn’t be caught dead.

Let's start with some bags at a few different price points...

Every season, I obsess over at least one pair of delicious heels in Rachel Zoe’s collection. I vacillate forever and finally convince myself that I need them after a couple weeks, at which point they’re inevitably sold out. This is the current culprit.

When I lived in San Francisco, my morning walk to the office took about 20 minutes. The walk home generally included stops at Mulberry, Longchamp, and ultimately Beard Papa to stuff chocolatey cream puffs in my face, which basically quadrupled my commute time. Anyway, I wore serious heels for all of it. These days, unless I’m spending several hundred dollars for well-constructed Italian shoe heaven, TopShop’s court shoes are among the few heels I can handle for more than a few hours.

Dramatic Collar + Alexander Wang = The Perfect Coat in Neutral Pink

Since July evenings in Scotland are a bit chillier than July evenings in Minnesota, one of the best wedding fashion decisions I made was to pack a pink moto jacket to throw over my gown. (To be fair, Mean Sara still thinks that was a terrible idea.) It's no longer available online, but this is similar.

Engagement season is winding down, so wedding season is nearly upon us. Be the best-dressed bridesmaid at the shower in this. (Trust me, I’m a 14-time bridesmaid.) 

I dragged this along on my honeymoon in London, and I’ve still never worn it. Although I swear such a sweet skirt deserves nothing less than a European debut, I’ll probably bust it out for dinner with Renaissance Man sometime this spring. (I like it with a super simple, thin white tee and nude strappy heels.)

I love this under a black blazer, with skinnies and a pretty d’Orsay – first date?!

Bargain! Fridays at the office – skinnies or trouser jeans, pointy heels, and this…


So gawdy. So perfect.

This scarf is one of the most versatile things in my closet. It’s a beach coverup, a super light halter dress for patio cocktails (it’s a lot larger than it looks in this photo), a wrap for summer evenings, and a cozy scarf under moto jackets. Mine is more of an orchid hue, but it’s pretty in pink, too….

$107?! I suspect The Fifth to be yet another online retailer with reeeeally great product photographers, but I’m holding out hope the watch is actually this pretty in-person. I’ll report back in the comments…


Note: I find many of these pieces much more palatable when broken up by pieces like this in my actual favorite color, NYFW-friendly grey.

Gentlemen, I haven't forgotten you.

Pink-done-well in men’s fashion is really scarce. When in doubt, look to Tom Ford. Just always look to Tom Ford

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