Fall Greys

Fall is by far my favorite season, mostly because I transition my wardrobe from my favorite color, white, to my other favorite color, black, via my third favorite color, grey.

Here's my favorite grey shit right now:

I like to keep two work bags. One workhorse / utility commuter bag that's super practical for winter treks across downtown, and a solid structured leather bag to which I can tie a pretty scarf and basically just send to meetings in my stead. 

Either bag needs to fit my 15" MacBook, a pair of heels, a sweater and/or scarf, sunnies, emergency burgers, etc. 

For the former, RM and I snagged these Sons of Trade man bags a couple years ago (his black, mine grey), and they've served us remarkably well. Yes, Mean Sara, I know you hate it. 


As far as the pretty bag, I'm in the market for a replacement. It needs to have feet, a zipper, and well-constructed hardware since it often doubles as my carryon after RM has sweet-talked the gate agent into checking my 60 lb. suitcase. This Kendall+Kylie (I know, I know) is a top contender right now. 


A cute little steal from Asos! 


I'm not sure what it says about my style when two of my favorite bags I own are man bags that my husband also owns. Regardless, I fully intend for us to eventually graduate to coordinating Hermes Travel Birkins. (I'm certain RM would rock the accompanying kilt even better than Marc Jacobs.) But for now, we are loving these super clever, terrifically durable Hook and Albert weekenders.

There's basically nothing these don't go with.

These Free People boots are one of my favorite purchases in recent years. They're not available in my washed grey any more, but I highly recommend checking out their other colors. 

I sometimes wear these out of the house. I also haven't brushed my teeth yet today. 


Did you know Restoration Hardware does bathrobes? RM introduced these two into my life last year, and the delineation of my 36 years has become BRHR/ARHR. I think I wore them both at the same time at some point this past January. He says he doesn't regret the purchase, but I don't believe him. 


This Kit and Ace scarf is on sale now! 

I've had enough pairs of $98 Lululemon Wunder Unders crap out long before their time that I've vowed never to buy another pair, no matter how cute the newest pattern is. So I was delighted to discover these cheapos in Target recently!  

If I could only ever shop at one everyday shopping mall kinda store, it would almost certainly be Club Monaco.

A nice basic with a white pencil skirt or jeans and a blazer. 

I've sworn off their leggings but I fully stand behind Lululemon's Scuba Hoodie.  Can it be considered a cult classic at this point? 

Structured sweaters are one of my favorite things ever, and despite their grumpy models, Acne does them better than just about anyone else.   

I live in these James Perse dresses lately. The white is cool in summer, and the carbon is super layer-able year-round. 

Please share your grey favorites. What am I missing?!