Who Run This Motha?

Like a lot of folks I know, I start my work day by procuring a lovely latte, opening my laptop, and actively avoiding the comments section on any news story, because...basket of deplorables. And although (despite my obviously left-leaning politics) I enjoy few things more than meaningful conversations with my well-informed conservative buddies, I will not hesitate to shit on overt racism, homophobia, islamophobia, and misogyny, and immediately remove it from my feeds.

But some negativity is a little more difficult to avoid, and anti-woman sentiment in particular is often shrouded in the prettiest of Instagram feeds and your favorite lifestyle sites, and takes the form of:

"Stop wearing X after age #."

"Leggings aren't pants." (i am a minnesotan the weather hurts our faces let us be comfortable your face isn't pants and most importantly -- get bent.)

Girls dissing couture fashion shows in order to passive-aggressively assert their perceived intellectual authority over us girls with an affinity for this particular form of modern art.

Policing our speech -- vocal fry, upspeak, apologizing, etc. OMG can you, like, fuck all the way offffff.

"## things you should own* by the time you turn, like, 82." Let me save you the time: apparently we’re all shit unless we have the right flatware, glassware, dinnerware, linens, lingerie, and an LBD that lets us pop from office to happy hour to yoga to funeral. Yay! To be honest, I’d probably like my life better if I DIDN’T need to own a Dewalt, thank you very much. Unless your article is suggesting we all should have a staff (which I support wholeheartedly), it's just not helpful.

Preaching and shaming us for daring to look at our phones in public. OMG you're soooo gd zen because you once purposely left the house without your phone. And no, I’m not going to dick around on my phone while we’re having coffee or sharing a meal (unless you're boring, of course), but if you’re regularly lecturing everyone to get off their phone, maybe you need to get cooler friends on Facebook. And that mom in the park engrossed in her phone? Her life revolves around that sticky little beast rolling in the sand; let her scroll through Instagram for three seconds without your shitty judgement.

And finally, "how to eat/dress/shower/wipe your ass like a French girl." ?!?!

So, whenever these offenders slither onto my screen, I head for my go-to, feel-good, girl power links:

#BlackGirlMagic in general, this in particular.

I’m 36 and still horrified by periods. (What a monstrous situation that is.) But, along with this author, I find it infuriating that "some are more comfortable with the...sexualization and degradation of women than this [menstruation photo series]."

Stop interrupting me.                                                    

The best fashion review of 2016

I’d like to relive my 20s (they were awesome), but with a much more Broad City ‘tude

And, my favorite of all. You can never be too organized when getting grilled by angry white dudes.

And, since most of those excellent links came from HERE, obviously the strongest antidote to misogyny and mean girls is a badass big sister.

* By the way, Maya Angelou did not write that list.